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For self builders, Build Homes Better’s range of insulated concrete formwork systems for external walls and foundations offer a stress-free way to build high quality homes, quickly and cost-effectively.

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BuildBetter Walling ICFs for external walls and BuildBetter Flooring for insulated foundations offer builders and developers a way to build energy-efficient buildings quickly and cost-effectively.


Build Homes Better’s insulated concrete formwork foundation and walling systems offer an excellent construction method for social housing schemes, where speed, cost and safety are vital considerations.

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Build Homes Better’s range of ICF systems for external walls and foundations offer a way to build sustainable and beautiful buildings that offer superior performance benefits and are building code ready.

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Happy Customers

“When we decided to build our own house, we began from a very low skill level.

But with BuildBetter Flooring and BuildBetter Walling we were able to achieve an excellent air tight test score of 0.23m3/m2/hr, better than the Passivhaus standard, and much better than the Building regulations pass score of 10.

If we were ever to build another house, we would use the same products again.”
Mike & Jane Evans
Pumpkin Cottage
Roger, who used BuildBetter Walling along with BuildBetter Flooring to build an award winning eco home, emailed us following a very cold winter and said:

"The Beast from the East has beaten me; this is the first time, after living here for 4 years, I’ve had to put the heating on. But I turned it off again after half an hour."
Roger Yeoman
Cedar House
"Our home has stayed at a steady 20–23 degrees even when the outside temperature was as low as 3.5 degrees.

Our heating and hot water bills are now less than £400 per year.

We have our dream home, a traditional looking build, but which does not cost the earth to run!"
Mr & Mrs Tunnard
Tunnard House