Sustainable Construction

sustainable from
start to finish

Living sustainably starts with the foundations and the structure of your home

Building sustainably is essential both to preserve precious natural resources and to improve quality of life.

That’s why all Build Homes Better products are designed to be sustainable from start to finish.

From manufacture, to delivery, to construction, to running costs – meeting the needs of occupants and the environment.

Product design

All Build Homes Better products are designed to be sustainable, from production, to building, to living.

Every product is made with environmentally friendly Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which is 98% air making it remarkably resource efficient.

EPS is 100% recyclable with an ultra-low carbon footprint.


Every product is manufactured right here in the UK which means less energy is used to transport the materials from warehouse to building site.

No solid waste is generated during manufacture as any broken or faulty parts that do not pass quality control can be broken up and re-introduced into the process. No toxic substances are used during manufacture. 


Each product is extremely lightweight meaning there’s no need for heavy machinery to move and assemble the blocks. There’s also no waste as the offcuts produced onsite are minimal and can be recycled.

BuildBetter Walling ICFs are also suitable for concrete mixes with a high recycled cement content.


Buildings made with Build Homes Better products are super-insulated and virtually air-tight, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

The BuildBetter Flooring insulating foundation provides excellent insulation, down to 0.09w/m2k with no natural gaps.

Homes built with BuildBetter Walling ICFs typically use 35% less energy than a comparable timber frame or masonry home. U values of 0.23w/m2k or better are easily achieved.

adhering to passivhaus standards

The world's most rigorous and fastest growing energy standard

Adhering to Passivhaus Construction standards means buildings made with Build Homes Better products are super-insulated and virtually air-tight, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

The passivhaus concept

One of the most advanced forms of sustainable construction, the Passivhaus concept originates from Germany but is now used by thousands of architects, developers, and contractors all over the world.

A passive house is designed to be extremely energy-efficient so that it doesn’t use a lot of power to heat or cool. To be designated a passive house, a building must embody a set of specific best practices that seal it from outside temperatures whilst maintaining a stable inside temperature and high air quality.

energy efficient

Passive houses are incredibly energy-efficient due to their high-level of insulation and airtight design.

Using BuildBetter Walling and BuildBetter Flooring makes this easy by providing a consistent, complete layer of high quality insulation. Combined with the thermal storage capacity of concrete this virtually eliminates heat loss while providing consistent and comfortable internal temperatures.

thermal bridge free

With the load bearing structure encased in insulation, BuildBetter Walling and Flooring make it easy to achieve thermal bridge free construction.

Insulation is applied without any “weak spots” around the whole building so as to eliminate cold corners as well as excessive heat losses.

This also prevents damage due to moisture build up.

low running cost

With high thermal comfort, BuildBetter Walling and BuildBetter Flooring minimise the energy needed to heat or cool your home by reducing heat flow by 95% compared to lightweight building systems.

Building a passive house with BuildBetter walls and floors means you could use less than 1.5 l of oil or 1.5 m3 of gas to heat one square meter of living space for a year, much less than common “low-energy” buildings.

superior air quality

The air quality in a passive house is exceptional, eliminating any staleness or fumes because air is constantly circulated and filtered.

BuildBetter walls and floors do not support mould or bacteria growth, nor do they release toxic VOCs (commonly used in man-made wood products), making for high quality clean air. 

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BuildBetter Flooring

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BuildBetter Walling

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