Self Builders

Self Builders

For self builders, Build Homes Better's range of insulated concrete formwork systems for external walls and foundations offer a way to build a high quality home, quickly and cost-effectively.

Help to choose the right product

Our expertise benefits you. Build Homes Better is on a mission to help our customers do just that…build, homes, better.

That’s why we provide expert help to ensure you choose the right product for your build, getting the foundations and structure right for your dream home. 


At Build Homes Better, we understand your build journey and give comprehensive, practical, and personal advice on product selection and installation to make sure your self build project is as bump-free as possible.

product performance

Whether you’re building a modest bungalow, or three-storey home with a garage and swimming pool, there’s a Build Homes Better product for you. 

Homes made with Build Homes Better products are super-insulated and virtually air-tight, reducing energy consumption and running costs.


Combined, Build Homes Better products create the structure for a robust, energy efficient and peaceful home.

That means warm toes, stable temperature, and excellent sound insulation.

Build a high-quality, solid home

Have you ever noticed how quiet and tranquil large old houses are? You can get that same peaceful feeling however large or small in your new home is thanks for the outstanding acoustic properties of BuildBetter Walling.

To achieve the feel of a high quality, solid home, it’s hard to beat concrete upper floors. Yes, you can beef up the joists to make them more solid, or a screed on top of the joists, but it is always a compromise. Building with BuildBetter walling makes using and fitting concrete upper floors easy thanks to the high strength solid core structure.

Fast & simple construction

BuildBetter Flooring

All projects are pre-assembled in the factory so when they arrive on site they are accurate and rapid to install, typically in 1 day.

U values from 0.25 down to 0.09w/m2k and, with no natural gaps, it eliminates the difficult to treat cold bridge at the floor to wall junction.

No edge shuttering is required, reducing build time and producing zero waste onsite.

BuildBetter Walling

Walls are quick and simple to build. With no extra insulation or vapour barriers required, you simply build, pour and finish.

There’s no need to hire specialist equipment as blocks are light and can be easily stacked by hand.

Ready to finish inside and out. Plasterboard is simply screwed into place, or wet plaster applied, and on the exterior finishes can be directly applied.

Stress-free construction

While you can install BuildBetter Flooring and BuildBetter Walling yourself, you can also choose the stress-free option and use our experienced installation partners to create the structure of your building quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get on with the rest of the build.

Contact us to ask about how our partners can take the strain for you.

comfortable living

BuildBetter Flooring

The BuildBetter Flooring insulating foundation surrounds the part of the building touched by the ground and serves as a thermal-bridge free foundation meaning warm toes all year round. 

The foundation provides excellent insulation, down to 0.09w/m2k and with no natural gaps.

The BuildBetter Flooring modules consist of Peripor®, a water-resistant foam that was developed for applications subject to pressure and moisture making them damp-proof and mould-proof.

BuildBetter Walling

Internal insulation provides a warm internal surface for user comfort and ensures rapid response to heating inputs.

Low running costs means a reduction of up to 70% on energy bills.

Stable, comfortable environment with improved air quality – typically less than 2 air changes/hr.

Walls built with ICFs are virtually unaffected by flood water. They won’t support mould and can be easily dried using a dehumidifier.  

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BuildBetter Flooring

The ultimate foundation for insulated, energy efficient buildings. Perfect combined with BuildBetter Walling ICFs.

BuildBetter Walling

An Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system that can be used to construct almost any kind of building.

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