Installation Training

BuildBetter Walling
installation training

For contractors, self-builders, architects, engineers and design professionals

Learn how to build with BuildBetter Walling ICFs with our in-class and on-site installer training and education. 

The comprehensive training course is designed to cover all aspects of building with the BuildBetter Walling ICFs, from how to handle the blocks to pouring the concrete, and from creating a doorway to applying the finishes.

And to ensure that each build goes smoothly, we insist on working with all our new builders through the on-site pumping operation.

delivered by experts

topics covered

  • An overview of the BuildBetter Walling ICF system, how it performs and the implications on heating system design
  • Constructing walls, damp proof membranes and mass barriers, angles and corner transitions.
  • Panel reinforcement and tips
  • Window and door openings, end caps and reveal closures.
  • Form support, wall alignment and service penetrations.
  • Floor connections
  • Concreting tips and placement checklists
  • Roof connections
  • Basements
  • Exterior and interior finishes
  • Making alterations and repairs

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