Housing Associations

Housing associations

Build Homes Better's range of insulated concrete formwork systems for external walls and foundations offer an excellent construction method for social housing schemes, where speed, cost and safety are vital considerations.


When the pressure is on to build homes quickly, our range of insulated concrete formwork are the perfect materials for your building structure.

Our BuildBetter Flooring modules are pre-assembled in the factory so when they arrive on site they typically take 1 day to install. And the BuildBetter Flooring system can be install in a matter of days.


Fire safety is of paramount concern for any social housing scheme, and this is where using Build Homes Better’s range of insulated concrete formwork products can deliver significant benefit.

Of all construction materials, concrete is one of the most resistant to fire and heat, outperforming timberframe and steel construction methods. 

low cost

Homes built with insulated concrete formworks typically use 35% less energy than a comparable timber frame or masonry home and can lead to a reduction of up to 70% on energy bills.


Combined, Build Homes Better products create the structure for a robust, energy efficient and peaceful home.

And our BuildBetter Flooring insulating foundation is damp-proof and mould-proof meaning warm toes and a comfortable, dry environment for occupants.

Meeting the needs of housing associations and landlords head on.

Robust and durable our concrete walls and floors can stand up to the toughest punishment.

No, damaged plasterboard here.

Securely supported without a void behind the plasterboard our walls will stand up to years of abuse.


Thanks to the solid concrete core, our walls easily reduce sound transmission to a whisper

Less heating required.

Thanks to the walls comfort factor peak heating demand is reduced allowing smaller boilers and emitters.

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BuildBetter Flooring

The ultimate foundation for insulated, energy efficient buildings. Perfect combined with BuildBetter Walling ICFs.

BuildBetter Walling

An Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system that can be used to construct almost any kind of building.

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