BuildBetter Walling

Build Better Walling

An Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system that can be
used to construct any high quality, low energy building

Build Better Walling

BuildBetter Walling ICFs

BuildBetter Walling Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are large hollow building blocks made from environmentally friendly EPS foam. Once assembled into the shape of a building the hollow core is filled with concrete to create a solid, durable structure.

Thanks to the continuous insulation and air tight construction BuildBetter Walling ICFs outperform other building techniques, reducing energy usage by 20-40%, when compared to traditionally built homes insulated to the same level.

BuildBetter Walling’s ICF system offers a fast, energy efficient and cost effective way to build.

what can you build?


BuildBetter Walling ICFs are the perfect material to build the structure of homes, providing the maximum energy efficiency and resilience against fires and floods.


With BuildBetter Walling you can build an extension in as little as a few days and with multiple finishes possible you can bring your vision to life.

commercial & industrial units

Offices, retail units, and other commercial structures all benefit from the reduced maintenance costs and resilience against extreme weather that BuildBetter Walling provides.

schools & community buildings

BuildBetter Walling provides a strong, comfortable and resilient environment for schools, churches, hospitals and community centres.

Passivhaus Buildings

Our ICFs are ideal for Passivhaus buildings, offering simple and robust airtightness, low rates of heat loss and no thermal bridging.

Insulation is applied without any “weak spots” around the whole building so as to eliminate cold corners as well as excessive heat losses.

Care & Residential Housing

BuildBetter Walling is ideal for new build care and residential homes, thanks to the ultra-low running, heating and maintenance costs.

The completeness of the insulation means consistent internal temperatures, an internal wall surface that’s always warm to the touch and draught free keeping heating bills to a minimum and occupants comfortable.

Flats & Multi-storey buildings

Building multi-story houses, flats and hotels is fast and safe. The ideal combination of BuildBetter Walling and solid concrete floors makes the ideal solution for multiple units buildings. Together they make achieving acoustic and fire safety standards simple and robust.

With BuildBetter Walling you can build up to 3 storeys high.

open plan living

To achieve the light and spacious feel of open plan living without any internal walls means can mean expensive steel frames are required to break up the span into smaller elements. But thanks to the strength of BuildBetter Walling ( 5 times stronger than masonry ) steel posts can be eliminated and the floor loads easily supported without compromising thermal performance.

high performance, simple to build with

easy to assemble

BuildBetter Walling Insulated Concrete Forms are high strength, lightweight polystyrene moulded blocks that can be stacked together to form the shape of the building including window and door openings.

solid structure

The core is then filled with concrete to create the robust, durable and recyclable structure.

fullly insulated

Once cast, the solid concrete core not only provides the necessary structural integrity for the building, but also provides excellent sound insulation, fire safety, thermal mass and durability for the structure’s lifetime.

energy efficient

The ICF insulation and concrete combine to provide the most robust, energy efficient, and peaceful environment of any walling system available.

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Why use buildbetter walling icfs?

Using the BuildBetter Walling range of Insulated Concrete forms for Passivhaus and ultra-low energy homes has a wide range of advantages for occupants, architects and builders.

thermal advantages

The continuous concrete core provides huge thermal stability and eliminates the need to design heating systems for peak demand.

Naturally air-tight, the concrete core provides an effective and robust air barrier without membranes.

Internal insulation provides a warm internal surface for user comfort and ensures rapid response to heating inputs.

ICF homes typically use 35% less energy than a comparable timber frame or masonry home.

We offer 7 thickness levels to match your thermal demands, allowing you to build to U values as low as 0.1w/m2k ( or lower), or a 0.17w/m2k in a finished wall 300mm thick. 

construction advantages

Walls are quick and simple to build, saving time on site. With no extra insulation or vapour barriers required, you simply build, pour and finish.

There’s no need to hire specialist equipment as blocks are light and can be easily stacked by hand.

Building with ICFs is not weather dependant. Work can continue in cold or wet weather without affecting the quality of the job.

Ready to finish inside and out. Plasterboard is simply screwed into place, or wet plaster applied, and on the exterior finishes can be directly applied.

No drying out shrinkage.

Services are easily and quickly installed in the EPS layer.

occupant advantages

Low running costs means a reduction of up to 70% on energy bills.

Stable, comfortable environment with improved air quality – typically less than 2 air changes/hr.

ICF walls deliver all the strength and performance you would expect from structural concrete and compared to wood and masonry, are much better able to withstand climate extremes.

Walls offer superior sound insulation thanks to the combination of concrete and EPS.

Walls built with ICFs are virtually unaffected by flood water. They won’t support mould and can be easily dried using a dehumidifier.  

All BuildBetter Walling walls are fire walls.

eco credentials

BRE Green guide A or A+ rated wall construction.

BuildBetter Walling ICFs can meet or exceed “The Code for Sustainable Homes: Level 3”, and the “Energy Saving Trust: Best Practice” guidelines.

Zero loss in performance over time.

Suitable for concrete mixes with a high recycled cement content and easy to recycle at end of life.

BuildBetter Walling ICF Blocks are made from 60% recycled plastic.

There’s also no waste as any offcuts can be recycled.


Most frequent questions and answers

With BuildBetter Walling ICFs you can build a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. From completely new homes or offices, extensions, garages, schools or care homes you can build up to 4 storeys high.

The most common internal finish is plasterboard. The boards can be placed directly against the wall and screwed into place, giving a solid sound when you tap the wall.

A single screw in the plastic web can hold 15kg. For items subject to heavier loads, like the hand rail on the stairs, remove a small section of the EPS foam and fix back to the concrete through a timber packing piece.

Most above ground walls can be built without any reinforcement, except above the windows and doors. Basements and retaining walls often require reinforcing, and thanks to the unique plastic web, this can be installed without the need to tie the bars together.

The materials are more expensive than bricks, but the speed of build combined with ease of finishing mean the overall project cost is competitive with other building methods.

An experienced building team can expect to build at a rate of 3-4m2 of wall per worker per hour.

BuildBetter Walling ICF walls can be finished in a variety of ways including rendered, wood cladding, tile hanging, brick or stone finishes.

The external finish of brick or brick slips modern renders with a wide variety of textures and styles; or cladded with timber are the most popular finishes that can easily be incorporated to suit the design needs of the client or Local Authority.

Features such as gables, tripled glazed windows, large span bi-fold doors and MVHR can be simply and easily incorporated.

By replacing some of the Portland cement used in the mix with recycled materials like “ggbs”, we can reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete without affecting the performance. Contact us for more details.

Typically above ground the mix is C20/25, with a 10mm stone, 120mm slump, pump grade, which is readily available from your local ready mix supplier. For basements the strength is usually increased to C30/35.

Yes. Even carefully placed high slump mixes can contain a high proportion of air once poured into the walls. This can weaken the concrete and reduce the life of any reinforcement. We always recommend the use of an internal poker, in accordance with British Standards.