BuildBetter Flooring

Build Better Flooring

The ultimate foundation for insulated, energy efficient, damp-proof buildings

Build Better Basements

BuildBetter Flooring

The BuildBetter Flooring insulating foundation system is laid to form a “bath” for concrete to be poured into, while creating a cosy wrap of insulation that prevents heat loss and means toes stay cosy all year round.

Whereas traditional foundations rely on digging trenches to fill with concrete and focusing the load of the walls directly beneath where they are built, the BuildBetter Flooring system spreads the load of the building evenly across the footprint of the ground floor ensuring even ground pressure.

While an insulated raft slab is typically more expensive in material costs compared to alternatives, when labour costs and speed of installation are factored in it is the best solution for builders and owners.

continuous insulation

The insulating raft surrounds the part of the building touched by the ground and serves as a thermal-bridge free foundation. The building insulation above ground continues uninterrupted from the edge of the insulation system.

  • Protects against damp and mould growth
  • Can be precisely adapted to the various planning requirements and style of the building
  • Minimum cut-off means less waste
  • Fast to lay
  • Form-fitting
  • Free from thermal bridges
  • Passivhaus compliant
Build Better Flooring - Insulation Image

Combine with BuildBetter Walling ICFs for optimum energy efficiency

Build Better Walling - ICF

the ultimate foundation solution

Quick to Install

All projects are pre-assembled in the factory so that when they arrive on site they are accurate and rapid to install  – typically taking 1 day.


Designed to support a design load of 14tonnes/m2 means the rafts are strong enough to support a 3 storey construction with concrete walls and floors.


BuildBetter Flooring can be cut into any shape and be used for buildings big and small. Suitable for timber frame, I beam, masonry, ICF and solid wood they provide the perfect foundation whatever is used for the structure.

continuous insulation

U values from 0.25 down to 0.09w/m2k and, with no natural gaps, it eliminates the difficult to treat cold bridge at the floor to wall junction.

cost effective

With no edge shuttering required, labour costs are reduced and zero waste is produced onsite.


BuildBetter Flooring modules consist of Peripor®, a water-resistant foam that was developed for applications subject to pressure and moisture making them ideal for basements.

suitable for passive houses

Certified by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt as component suitable for passive houses.

minimal cut-off

Each module is prefabricated individually and then joined together seamlessly on the construction site to virtually eliminate waste.

ICF Wall Connections

ICF for Passivhaus

ICF blocks with at least 100mm external insulation.
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ICF Standard

ICF blocks with less than 100mm external insulation and rendered finish.
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