Polystyrene – debunking misconceptions

Despite increasing anti-plastic rhetoric, not all plastic is bad.

Polystyrene, a key component of Build Homes Better products, is a versatile, lightweight and sustainable material.

Often misunderstood, polystyrene is in fact one of the most sustainable plastics in the market.

  • Lighter to transport meaning reduced emissions
  • No toxic substances used in its manufacture
  • Fully and easily recyclable. (Any offcuts or unused Build Homes Better products are returned to the factory and recycled into new products meaning absolutely no waste)
  • 98% air

This article by Cassie Bradley is a great argument for Polystyrene and well worth a read for those who are interested.

And if you want to know more about the sustainability of Build Homes Better products you can learn more here. Alternatively, please contact us if you have any specific questions. We will be happy to talk to you.