Henlow House | Contemporary Home in North Cornwall

Case Study - Henlow House

This contemporary home sits on the beautiful North Coast of Cornwall, where its modern construction method doesn’t affect its ability to blend seamlessly into its traditional surroundings.

Our customer, Roy, built his house with BuildBetter Walling ICFs and reflects on what his first few months living in the house have been like:

“Our first winter in the home with under floor heating proved a bit tricky to balance out, mainly due to our being under floor heating newbies and we took a while to find the right heating level (never cold, but often too hot). Now, we have found the right balance and the internal climate is comfortable at a constant 20oC.

The house is very quiet and given we decided to invest in Gyproc Habito plasterboard to be applied to all the internal walls where ICF blocks are the substrate, we’ve had no issues with any internal fixings. The house is very stable and the Structural Warranty inspector was very impressed with the finished building particularly the lack of any plaster cracking at the wall / ceiling transitions.

We had a SAP survey and airtightness test and they recorded 3.8 on the Air Permeability test, which everyone was very pleased with! 

The bottom line is that we are very happy with our choice of construction method and the finished result. Our main site builder was also impressed, saying he would work with the BuildBetter Walling system over the bulk of the ICF competition. He was very impressed with the BuildBetter ICF system and its performance, particularly during the setting out process and concrete pour. Praise indeed!”