Three reasons our customers love living in their ICF homes

Building a home with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) has many advantages. During construction they are lightweight to move, easy to stack and allow you to build even in wet conditions. To live in, ICF homes are energy efficient, disaster resilient, quiet and warm.

Here are three reasons our customers love living in their ICF homes.


  1. Superior Energy Efficiency = Huge Energy Savings & Reduced Environmental Impact

One of the core benefits to living in an ICF home, and one of the main reasons our customers choose to build with ICFs is that they create energy efficiency homes. The combination of the continuous EPS foam insulation and the concrete core filling provide the most robust, energy efficient, and peaceful environment of any walling system available.

Build Homes Better offers 7 thickness levels of our BuildBetter Walling ICFs depending on thermal demands, allowing our customers to build to U values as low as 0.1w/m2k.

Whichever thickness of our ICF walls you choose, the combination of thermal storing concrete and continuous insulation, provides an even, comfortable environment, with minimal heating demand.

Our customers, Mr and Mrs Tunnard, who built their home with BuildBetter Walling ICFs had this to say about their home:

“Our home has stayed at a steady 20–23 degrees even when the outside temperature was as low as 3.5 degrees. Our heating and hot water bills are now less than £400 per year. We have our dream home, a traditional looking build, but which does not cost the earth to run!”

The completeness of the insulation means no draughts, minimal noise transfer, consistent internal temperatures, an internal wall surface that’s always warm to the touch keeping heating bills to a minimum and occupants comfortable.

Roger Yeoman, our customer that used BuildBetter Walling ICFs along with our BuildBetter Flooring insulating foundation to build an award winning eco home emailed us following a very cold winter and said:

“The Beast from the East has beaten me; this is the first time, after living here for 4 years, I’ve had to put the heating on. But I turned it off again after half an hour.”


  1. Simplified Construction = Better Results

Walls built with BuildBetter Walling ICFs offer excellent heat and sound insulation thanks to the combination of concrete and EPS, but they are also inherently airtight removing the need for costly and fiddly membranes.

Mike and Jane in the Forest of Dean decided to build their forever home using BuildBetter Walling and BuildBetterFlooring:

“When we decided to build our own house, we began from a very low skill level. We had some limited experience from working with builders on home improvements in previous houses but had never done anything hands on. But despite this, we knew that we wanted to build as much of our home ourselves as possible.

The interlocking base of BuildBetter Flooring and BuildBetter Walling perimeter blocks eliminate any chance of cold bridging, and using these systems we were able to achieve an excellent air tight test score of 0.23m3/m2/hr, better than the Passivhaus standard, and much better than the Building regulations pass score of 10.

If we were ever to build another house, we would use the same products again.”


  1. Robust, Peaceful & Disaster-Resilient = No Mould and Protected Against Fire

Homes built with ICFs are incredibly robust and disaster resilient meaning you can rest easy. With concrete walls, homes built with BuildBetter Walling ICFs protect against fires and flooding.

The solid concrete core and impact absorbing insulation make your new home a quiet and peaceful place to live, capable of taking life’s knocks and bumps in its stride.

All BuildBetter Walling ICF walls are fire walls and are virtually unaffected by flood water. They won’t support mould and can be easily dried using a dehumidifier.


Contact our team to find out more about building with ICFs. Build Homes Better has a reputation for going above and beyond to help our customers choose the right product for their build and we remain on hand throughout the build process to answer questions and ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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About BuildBetter Walling

BuildBetter Walling Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are large hollow building blocks made from environmentally friendly EPS foam. Once assembled into the shape of a building the hollow core is filled with concrete to create a solid, durable structure.

Thanks to the continuous insulation and air-tight construction BuildBetter Walling ICFs outperform other building techniques, reducing energy usage by 20-40%, when compared to traditionally built homes insulated to the same level. Visit our product page for more information.