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At Build Homes Better we believe in helping our customers build low energy, eco-friendly homes that will stand the test of time.

By using our range of Insulated Concrete Formwork systems for external walls and foundations our customers can Build Homes Better, faster and at a lower cost than before.

How is this possible?


The construction process eliminates many faults which are commonly found in masonry and timber frame buildings, for example:

  • Gaps in the insulation are eliminated.
  • Cold air cannot circulate behind or bypass the insulation
  • Cold bridging is virtually eliminated
  • No drying out delays, shrinkage or settlement
  • The insulation can’t move or settle over time
  • The insulation quality won’t degrade over time.
  • The systems are inherently air-tight and don’t require sealing with membranes and tapes
  • Noise performance is built in, and not reliant on detailing and workmanship
  • 1hr fire resistance or compartment walls as standard, (prior to additional coverings)


Our wall and foundation systems offer a choice of insulation levels, starting at a level 30% better than building regulations require, going through to products which exceed the requirements of the ultra-low energy “Passivhaus” building standard.


Our systems are rated A or A+ in the BRE green guide for construction. Build Homes Better products use recycled materials and are fully recyclable.


The hybrid modular approach to construction allows rapid construction using semi-skilled trades.

What Type of Builder Are You?

All Build Homes Better products are designed
to be sustainable from start to finish

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BuildBetter Flooring

The ultimate foundation for insulated, energy efficient buildings. Perfect combined with BuildBetter Walling ICFs.

BuildBetter Walling

An Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system that can be used to construct almost any kind of building.

Happy Customers

“When we decided to build our own house, we began from a very low skill level.

But with BuildBetter Flooring and BuildBetter Walling we were able to achieve an excellent air tight test score of 0.23m3/m2/hr, better than the Passivhaus standard, and much better than the Building regulations pass score of 10.

If we were ever to build another house, we would use the same products again.”
Mike & Jane Evans
Pumpkin Cottage
Roger, who used BuildBetter Walling along with BuildBetter Flooring to build an award winning eco home, emailed us following a very cold winter and said:

"The Beast from the East has beaten me; this is the first time, after living here for 4 years, I’ve had to put the heating on. But I turned it off again after half an hour."
Roger Yeoman
Cedar House
"Our home has stayed at a steady 20–23 degrees even when the outside temperature was as low as 3.5 degrees.

Our heating and hot water bills are now less than £400 per year.

We have our dream home, a traditional looking build, but which does not cost the earth to run!"
Mr & Mrs Tunnard
Tunnard House

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James Fisher
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If you are planning your own low energy development and are looking for precise technical support, a responsive team and the project to be delivered on time then speak to the team at Build Homes Better! They helped us with the foundations of 3 x Passive homes near St. Albans and we couldn't have been happier. Looking forward to the next one with them!
Tim Doouss
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Excellent product; we went for the value install and Jonathon did all the tricky bits and between my wife and I we did the fill in. They are very knowledgeable, helpful and with lots of experience. All in all a first class experience.
Chris Jaume
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Fantastic product and superb service. Thanks so much for your help with our project up in sunny Yorkshire!
Ben East
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Johnathon and the team at Isoquick are great. We have used them on multiple passive house builds and we have always found their care and attention to detail second to none and their experience helping with the installation is always appreciated.
Leila Samy Beggin
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So pleased we have had this done at last! Thank you to Jonathon and Gregory for all their hard work in the rain and your support in the past through this trying time we’ve had. If only everyone in the construction industry were like you guys.